Swiss politics basics

Kurs 5

Are you new in Switzerland and have you been asking yourself, how this country works? What about all the voting, the federalism and how come the law can be changed just by electing signatures and through that provoke a voting?

With us you can learn to understand the unusual nature of Swiss politics. That is one of the keys to comprehend Swissness in its complexity, to become aware of the processes that define your working environment and to understand the Swiss way of living.

The language of instruction is on your demand English and/or German.

You can profit of the varied experience of our lecturers. They have worked in politics for years, as a journalist or communication specialist and have collected expert knowledge by having been elected politicians in the legislative.

            Kurs:                              Swiss politics basics I Schweizer Politik Grundlagen

            Dauer:                            4 Stunden

            Kursort:                         Schaffhausen

            Teilnehmer:                   Ab 5 bis max. 10

            Durchführung:              je nach Nachfrage

            Kosten:                          400.- Pro Personen / mit Kurszertifikat

Issues of the seminar: Communes, cantons and the confederation: Influences, competences, referendums Parties: roles and intentions

Educational objective: You know the parties, institutions and processes that are forming Switzerland and comprehend the complexity of Swissness.

Lernziele: Ein erstes Verstehen wie die Schweiz funktioniert und was das System so speziell macht.